To streamline and restructure an organization to enable it to more effectively compete/survive in a rapidly changing business environment.


As external change agents, to direct the appraisal/analysis process toward achieving lowered production/operating costs, raised productivity, a refocusing of the marketing effort, more effective sales calls, and toward creative solutions to special problems.


A disciplined approach to planning and management evolving through four stages:

1. Budget-based planning systems

2. Planning systems to address growth and/or diversity

    a) Rank product lines or business in terms of market attractions and strength of competitive position
    b) Concentrate planning efforts on creating a balanced portfolio of growth opportunities and cash generators
3. Planning systems that force the company to:
    a) Define its business
    b) Align its strengths to market and customer needs
    c) Insulate its operation from industry forces that erode profits
4. Planning systems based on strategic management, which link strategy and management in a single process, manage the interface between people and produce a strong corporate culture.

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